Signature Programs

Activities At Pelican Pointe Go
Well Beyond Bingo
Keeping the body and mind engaged is just as important to staying healthy as your annual physical. Simply because you no longer live at home shouldn’t mean you have to stop doing the exciting activities you’re passionate about – or learning new ones.

Our signature programs at Pelican Pointe are progressive and ever-evolving. They are never about filling time, but tapping into residents’ passions and creativity through robust activities, such as deep sea fishing, learning how to play the violin, bowling, and even live concerts. Our programs are both engaging and diverse, encouraging a higher quality of life and a stronger willingness to get involved and socialize within the Pelican Pointe community.

Taste & Critique

With Taste and Critique, residents’ inner food critic comes alive as the group visits the best local restaurants in town to try new foods and old favorites. The discussion is nothing short of lively as residents weigh in on which dish was their favorite and which one is on the chopping block.

Person-Centered Care Model

Pelican Pointe's caregivers are specially trained to develop relationships through personalized care that help get to the heart of the matter. Our philosophy puts the resident first by getting to know them in an authentic and meaningful way.

Music & Memory

“Music soothes the soul,” is therapeutic for the mind, and supports memory function. Pelican Pointe’s nationally recognized program, Music and Memory, offers a personalized music system using custom playlists to enhance residents’ quality of life, and improve their health and well-being.

Novel Excursions

With Novel Excursions at Pelican Pointe, residents and their family members enjoy new experiences from a wide variety of off-site activties, ranging from fishing in the Intracoastal Waterway to flying high in a helicopter. Whether it's a new passion or an old one, our excursions provide residents with both exhilarating and relaxing options to choose from.

Family Matters

Family Matters creates opportunities for residents to enjoy the moments that matter with their family, while making memories that last a lifetime. Family events usually include dinner and a themed-event, like move night or holiday activities, and help support the family-resident bond by promoting quality time.

Fulfill A Wish

Whether it’s to see a celebrity artist live in concert or enjoy some ATV off-roading, we’re in the business of granting wishes – big and small – to enrich the lives of our residents. Fulfill A Wish offers residents a chance to encounter new experiences, rekindle old passions or discover new ones, and find personal growth.

Music With Jan

Music With Jan is a therapeutic music class specially designed for residents with Alzheimer’s to stimulate the mind through music and learning to play instruments. Jan is a retired music teacher whose passion for music and senior care is apparent as she works closely with each student to teach and learn their history.

Tech Connect

Bringing stimulating life experiences and adventurous activities to our residents is why we created Tech Connect. Through the wonders of technology and power of creativity, connecting with others has never been so easy or so much fun.