Music With Jan

Music Lessons To Rekindle Memories
& Soothe The Soul
Who knew enjoying music and learning how to play an instrument could spur vivid memories from a lifetime ago? We did.
Music With Jan is a mentally-therapeutic music class designed specifically for residents with Alzheimer’s to stimulate the mind and support memories. Jan brings various musical instruments to class and works closely with each resident to teach them how to play at a level they’re comfortable with. If residents have prior musical experience, Jan works to identify the instrument, helping to connect past memories in the present.

Classes are held twice a week, and family and friends are welcome and encouraged to visit and watch their loved one as they enjoy the music and learn how to play.


The distinguishing feature of this program is that Jan is a retired music teacher who has a passion for teaching music and getting to know the interests of each person in her class. She truly cares about the residents, and it shows.